Why the Barossa Valley looks so much like the Columbia Cascade wine region.

This working holiday is the most awesome time Chad and I have had in ages!  I think sometimes we just get too consumed in our own little worlds. Seeing other wineries in another country has helped give us some brilliant guidance as well as new ideas that we want to try out at Columbia Cascade Winery.

Beautiful Barossa


After leaving Adelaide, we have spent the last couple of days in the beautiful Barossa Valley, one of the major wine producing regions in Australia.  It really is very similar to Columbia Cascades and reminds us a lot of home with its stunning scenic beauty.  There are actually around 700 grape growers in the region with the majority of vineyards producing Shiraz.  Other wines produced in the region include Cabernet Sauvignon, Matro, Riesling and Semillon.

On our first evening in Barossa, we spent a wonderful time having a relaxing picnic as the sun set slowly over the valley.  The winery was kind enough to lend us these fabulous extra large picnic blankets to relax on.  We spent the evening chatting, eating some mouth watering cheese and drinking wine from the region. We had such a blast and again the wines were out of this world.  I fell in love with the Shiraz I tried, although the Cabernet Sauvignon wasn’t far off.  Chad liked them as well but he really enjoyed the Riesling, in fact he enjoyed it a little too much and decided to sleep in the next morning

Over the next couple of days we stayed at Mount View Cottages and Vineyards as part of our research into how bed and breakfast wineries work in Australia.  What a beautiful bed and breakfast it was and again the wines were incredible.


Some great home decorating tips



I got some incredible ideas for our bed and breakfast out of our visit, including some great home decorating tips.  The room we slept in had tons of throw pillows of varying sizes placed on the bed, sofa and patio.  It really adds a cozy feel, almost like a home away from home and really encourages you to treat the place as your own.  I want that kind of feel for our bed and breakfast.  People must feel welcome and be able to relax as if they were at home.





I have picked up some other amazing home decorating ideas so far during my stay including great paint schemes and colors, use of lighting to enhance atmosphere in a room, making the most of the space in the room, mixing and matching bedding and the use of small carpets especially to break up wooden flooring like we have back home.


Can it get any better?


Next up we head to Margaret River in Western Australia and my excitement just grows and grows.  I have heard some great things about this area and the wines coming from it and I am looking forward to travelling there and experiencing everything.  I need a new notebook first, mine is filled with all the ideas I have crammed into it so far.