We are embarking on a big new adventure! 

Bye Bye Columbia Cascades!

I really can’t wait!   Soon, my husband Chad and I, will leave Columbia Cascades and jet off to Australia!  Although we feel slightly guilty leaving Columbia Cascade Winery, we know that it will be in the capable hands of our employees.  We are going on a working holiday, so it is totally justifiable, right?

I decided to treat myself to a fabulous new leather travel wallet so I could look stylish on the whole trip.


I have not had the chance to use it very much lately.  All our time in the past couple of years has been taken up by the winery and making a success of it. We have had no time to get away at any point, and definitely no leisure time for Chad and myself.  I am looking forward to getting away from the cold here in Columbia Cascades and soaking up some Australian sun.

A working holiday

This trip is ultimately about improving our own vineyard at Columbia Cascades Winery.  We are planning on starting a bed and breakfast accommodation at the estate and finding out how to go about is the main reason for our trip to Australia.  Bed and breakfast accommodation at TO GO WITH Australia-currency-forex-tourvineyards is fairly common place in Australia and by visiting a few we hope to find out how to make this concept work for us.  I am also interested to see the home decorating techniques used at these bed and breakfast establishments and how they keep costs down while doing this.

Although a relatively new wine making area in the USA, wineries in the Columbia Cascades are starting to be noticed, ours included I am happy to report.  We want a way in which we can stand out amongst our competitors, (around 15 wineries operate in the region), and although we have a great wine, so do many of them.  I think this is where bed and breakfast accommodation will help immensely and encourage people to visit our winery, stay overnight and learn as much as they can about our wine making process.

Packing, packing and more packing!

packing-services[1]Back to the trip!  I am wishing the days away till our departure.  I have already sorted out most of my suitcases.  Chad is not too thrilled with the three I have already packed, but hey, you must have clothing options while away on holiday!  I told him that he can pack a little lighter to lessen the load and that I would cover any porter fees at the airport.

G’day mate!

Australia is going to be such fun.  I have never been there, but I have heard amazing things about the country and more importantly the wines, which I can’t wait to try.  I also have heard that Australians are really friendly people and that’s right up my alley because I love to chat.

Anyway, let me see if I can cut down on the number of suitcases I am taking.  Chad will be a happy man if I do!