We just found wines that are better than those in the Columbia Cascades!

Admitting you might not be the best is never easy to do, but I have to give credit where it is due.  The wines of the Margaret River area of Western Australia are simply the best wines I have ever tasted.

They are definitely better than any found in the Cascades but not as good as those produce at Columbia Cascades Winery.  We have to praise our own product, right?

In all seriousness, these are the best wines I have ever tasted and Margaret River has been so much fun.  Chad and I enjoyed this part of the trip immensely and although it is very difficult to pick our favorite region of Australia, I think Margaret River is definitely right up near the top of the pile.

More great B&B ideas


We are still checking out bed and breakfast establishments at various vineyards and my second notebook is filling up so quickly with ideas for back home, especially home decorating ideas.  People are so clever!  I love home decorating but I would never have come up with half the ideas I have seen so far.

The bed and breakfast we stayed in last night had some beautiful views of the vineyard.  It was open plan, spacious and had this wall clock that I fell in love with immediately.  Although the entertainment area was extremely modern, the wall clock itself had a 1950’s styling. I just had to ask the owner where he got it from. He said he bought the clock from this online store. Apparently they deliver internationally!! It was circular in shape, made of chrome and had large black numbers and hands.  It really stood out and was the first thing I noticed when I entered the room. It just shows that often it is the little things that make all the difference.  I need to remember that for the bed and breakfast at Columbia Cascade Wineries!

Rocking the night away!


The entertainment area also had two dusty old turntables.  I haven’t seen one in ages!  We grabbed a few old records that were lying around and played them until the early hours of the morning, singing along (pretty badly I might add), dancing and just having a great time enjoying ourselves.  To be honest, I had forgotten a few of Chad’s signature dance moves.  He was quite the “John Travolta” back in the day.

 Marvelous Margaret River

I really can’t say enough about the Margaret River region.  Not only is it a wine growing area but it offers other popular attractions as well with surfing pretty high on the list.  Chad gave it a go, but in the end I told him to come out the water, it seemed he was more off the board than on it.

The wines from the region are top quality.  Although Margaret River only produces about 3% of Australia’s total grape harvest, the region accounts for around 20% of Australia’s premium wine.   That is just incredible.   There are around 26 wineries and estates in Margaret River.