We have some amazing ideas for our future

B&B back home! 

We are unfortunately coming to the end of our Australian trip and I can’t believe how fast the six weeks have flown by.  This really was an adventure of a lifetime and although I have missed home, I am so sad to see our time in Australia come to an end.  On the other hand, we have learnt so much here.  Chad and I are looking forward to implementing many of the home decorating ideas we have learned here into our planned bed and breakfast back home.

Happy in Hunters Valley


We at stayed at Hunters Valley for the last five days to finish off our Australian trip.  Every time you think you can’t see a more spectacular place than the one before, Australia just shows you how wrong you are.  Chad and I were both blown away by how beautiful the area is.  Let’s not forget the wine either, much like the rest of Australia, wine from this region is top notch.  On that note, Chad has had to purchase an extra suitcase to carry all the wine he has bought on the trip.  He says they are for research purposes.  Yes, I believe him…. And I am never going to let him live the extra suitcase down!

Just when we thought we had written down every possible idea for our bed and breakfast back home, the ones here in Hunters Valley given us even more food for thought.  In fact, we are onto our third notebook of ideas!

Lights, camera, bar stools!


The bed and breakfast place we stayed in last night made some really great use of floor lamps.  They had a reading corner in the main entertainment area. They positioned a floor lamp with an adjustable arm in a corner next to a very comfortable wing-backed chair. I love seeing such useful task lighting as this! A small table was placed next to the chair with various magazines and novels. It was a perfect reading nook.   I love the idea so much and we will definitely be doing that back at Columbia Cascade Wines.

The bed and breakfast also had a small little bar area with three hand carved wooden bar stools from this store: http://www.bohobarstools.com.au/ .  Chad spent a night there chatting to the owner.  Afterwards he could not stop talking about it and I know he will want one back home.  To be honest, I like the idea as well.  It will be a great meeting area for all the guests at the bed and breakfast and a brilliant way to introduced them to our wines.

Homeward bound

Well tomorrow we fly back to the USA.  This really has been the greatest holiday I have ever had.  I can’t wait to come back and have some more adventures in Australia.  I don’t think it will take too long either!