A break from all the wine tasting…

Although I love Australian wines, I think we have been overdoing it slightly the last couple of days. So we made a few changes to our travel plans. Nothing too serious however.

It’s been dressing gowns, cushions and too much snoring!

We decided to take an unscheduled stop on our Australian tour. How did that come about, I hear you ask? There we were sitting in our hotel at the end of another long hard day of incredible landscapes, hot Australian sun and fantastic wine. I was in full rest and relaxation mode. The little bed and breakfast that we are staying in provided a dressing gown and slippers. I love these small touches. The robe was especially decadent and so thick and soft. Prefect for drinking a nice hot cup of tea.

Chad had assumed his favorite position. Lying on the couch, head on a fluffy cushion, snoring away. He says he is tired, but we all know it’s the beautiful wine! Anyway, before he left me for dreamland he had changed the TV channel to a documentary on Tasmania. Australia_Tasmania_002I was fascinated and decided there and then that we would make a short stop on the island. Chad didn’t need too much convincing when he woke up.

Where’s the Tasmanian Devil?

We found a quaint little bed and breakfast establishment on the outskirts of Hobart. I am so glad that we came here. It has been a great way to just relax and recharge our batteries.

For the first day we didn’t even set foot outside the bed and breakfast we were staying in. It is such a stunning, old home. I spent most of the day in my dressing gown in our room. Our bed had these massive, comfy cushions on it, comfy cushion it was the perfect place to laze the day away. The outdoor veranda had a two-seater swing chair with a cushion collection arranged on it. Both Chad and I loved it so much that we definitely want some for our bed and breakfast when we open it. I really loved the old style charm of the whole place, it has given me a number of great ideas to use back home.

We couldn’t spend all our time indoors so we the next day we travelled through Hobart. hobart cityIt is a beautiful little city, filled with some great restaurants. We had a delightful lunch at a little Italian place followed by the most massive scones I have ever eaten for afternoon tea. We also spent some time at the local zoo. I really wanted to see a Tasmanian devil, but they were not playing along and refused to come out of their enclosure.

Anyway, our time in Hobart and Tasmania had come to an end. Back to the wine tasting as our next stop is Adelaide Hills. I can’t wait to see more of this incredible country and its friendly people.