Next stop… Adelaide Hills!

Well after a couple of relaxing days spent in Hobart, we now have to get back to the task at hand. Our research for our bed and breakfast idea is really going well. We are taking little ideas from each one we frequent on our travels. Once we put it all together back home, we will really have a stunning bed and breakfast of our own.

Adelaide Hills, baby blankets and a girl crush?

adelaide hills
So for the next part of our trip we were off to Adelaide Hills. I was told that this is an excellent wine producing region in Australia so we have to see for ourself. Our first stop was Shaw and Smith. This wine farm was started by two cousin in around 1989 and has proved to be one of the top wine producers in Australia. Of course, the wine was top notch, in fact I have yet to find one that I do not enjoy.

We spent a nice lazy day on the farm, taking in its natural scenic beauty as well as the wines on offer. We even met another couple from the States. Tom and Nancy were visiting friends in the city and had decided to take a break and come out to Adelaide Hills. winnie the pooh on baby blanketThey were having a picnic on the lawns and invited us to join them. They have a daughter, Lia. She is 18 months old and as cute as a button. She would not go anywhere without her baby blanket, which to be fair, I understand. Her blanket has a massive picture of Winnie the Pooh on it, He is my favorite cartoon bear and I just loved the blanket. When myself and Chad have kids, I will definitely be getting one of them!

Myself and Nancy really hit it off and spent hours in conversation. She is so down to earth and certainly very stylish, just like me! She was wearing a very simple blue dress with one of the most stunning choker necklaces I have ever seen. blue chokerIt had a simple black silk band, but it was the blue heart shaped jewel hanging off it that I really loved. We got on like a house on fire and in fact, when we said our goodbyes, Chad joked that I had developed a girl crush! He is such a fool sometimes. I am sure I blushed a lot, it felt like it.

Our next stop is McLaren Vale. We will take a week to explore the area as we want to finalize a few more ideas for back home. This trip really has been something else, certainly the best holiday I have ever undertaken.